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We are passionate about writing functional and beautiful applications for the desktop and mobile web. We care deeply about every step of the development process - from idea to back-end development to visual design and experience.

About Us

We have worked in multiple industries: finance, education, medicine, advertising, and construction. Our speciality is data-driven and data-dense web applications, where the display and visualization of information is essential to success.

Along with a few strategic partners, ExHI is Anselm McClain and Lee Wexler.
(If you call, you'll be talking to us.)

Anselm McClain

Anselm has worked with enterprise technology for over ten years, although his experiments with the web trace back to 1996. He brings a love of design, simplicity, and user experience to all of ExHI's projects.

Anselm founded ExHI as an independent software consultancy in 2009. Since that time, he has helped a range of amazing clients develop their ideas and apps, from well-established corporate firms to new consumer-focused startups.

Prior to ExHI, Anselm worked for several years in the world of East Coast finance, developing data-driven webapps for investment portfolio and market research management, both on the desktop and for the mobile web.

Anselm calls Northern California home, having lived in Los Angeles and New York prior. He attended Williams College and Oxford University, studying English Literature and Philosophy.

Lee Wexler

Lee brings over fifteen years of software development experience to ExHI, and takes special pride in creating intuitive user interfaces and writing highly maintainable code.

Before joining ExHI, Lee served as the lead web developer at a major hedge fund, where he was instrumental in introducing web dashboards, innovative visualizations, and mobile applications to executives throughout the firm.

Lee started his career as Director of Technology at EF Englishtown, where he created the core technology for an online language school. Following Englishtown, he served as a senior GUI-toolkit developer for the Curl programming language. Lee has also created software for the clothing and construction industries.

Lee graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Computer Science and holds a M.S. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in Mamaroneck, NY with his wife and daughter.

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Project Spotlight: Zolio

Zolio is a client that's bringing investment training and career prep to new levels of realism. We helped them build their technology platform, including rich web clients for desktop and mobile browsers.


We embrace a wide range of tools, languages, and frameworks. That said, we have a few favorites.

These include the Grails framework for server-side development in the elegant, Java-based Groovy language, the powerful and productive ExtJS and Touch javascript SDKs from Sencha, and the new capabilities made possible by HTML5 and the modern web.


Our mission is to provide you with a development shop that listens, understands, delivers, and delights.

You, your ideas, and our team - working together to build something great.