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We build functional and beautiful applications for the desktop and mobile web.

About Us

Our speciality is data-driven and data-dense web applications, where the clear display and visualization of information is essential to success. The majority of our work is in FinTech, where we design and deliver web-based tools for the financial sector. We’ve worked directly with traders and fund managers to create innovative new applications for portfolio management, risk analysis, trade capture, and oversight.

We have worked in multiple other industries, including education, medicine, advertising, and construction. Regardless of the sector or project, we care deeply about every step of the development process – from idea to back-end development to visual design and experience.

Our mission is to provide you with a development shop that listens, understands, delivers, and delights. You, your ideas, and our team – working together to build something great.

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We embrace a wide range of tools, languages, and frameworks. That said, we have a few favorites.

These include the Grails framework for server-side development in the elegant, Java-based Groovy language, the powerful and productive ExtJS and Touch javascript SDKs from Sencha, and the new capabilities made possible by advanced Javascript development, HTML5, and the modern web.

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