You’ve got to start somewhere…

By | Meta

We’ve started up 2015 with a bang, as several big projects hit production with new releases and a number of exciting new apps now swing into active development. We’re making good progress on Hoist, our Grails plugin for rapid app development, and we’re building out our infrastructure and our ability to scale and grow with our clients. We’re energized and charging into the future.

So it’s been a bit crazed, to be honest, but it also seemed like a good time to revamp our site and pull together some content of our own. We hope this journal can record our experiences with enterprise web development and technology in general, and that it might be of interest to our visitors. Or, at the very least, that it might be interesting to us. And help us remember how we fixed that thing that broke.

For now, though, we’ll leave it at this. You’ve got to start somewhere.