We have been very busy

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Well, here we are in 2019, and I am sorry to see that this ‘journal’ hasn’t worked out as planned. But we do have so much to show for the last few years and I wanted to get that on the record here!

  • We have developed our ‘Hoist’ framework into a highly productive platform for building desktop and mobile HTML5 applications. With a solid Grails/Java back-end, and a modern ReactJs/MobX front-end, Hoist brings together all of the technologies needed to build polished, scalable web-apps. Over the last two years, we have completed a major restructuring of Hoist from the Sencha framework to React, and I am happy to report that Hoist toolkit is better than ever. Please see https://toolbox.xh.io and give it a try!
  • We have continued to expand our client-base in the hedge-fund world, building real-time trading systems, and dashboards for new clients, and continuing to support, enhance, and upgrade mission critical apps for existing clients. Polish, performance, and maintainability of the UI layer remains our focus.
  • Our team has grown in New York and beyond. We have moved into new offices in Larchmont, NY, just 35 minutes north of midtown via train. We are offering great benefits, and are continuing to grow our team with talented junior and senior engineers.

If you love code and user interfaces, are interested in building highly polished products with new technology, and want to work with a great team, please reach out to us at jobs@xh.io!

We are Hiring

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Oh, and did we forget to mention?  We are hiring!  We have a tremendous amount of interesting work to do and we need help.  If you like building polished applications (inside and out) and think you might want to work with us, please let us know.

We are especially looking for developers in the New York and Sonoma County CA areas that can help us build out our local teams.  But we welcome applications from remote candidates as well.

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Please contact us at jobs@xh.io.