We’re small, but we see the big picture.

Our speciality is data-driven and data-dense web applications, where the clear display and visualization of information is essential to success.

The majority of our work is in FinTech. We’ve worked directly with hedge funds and fund administrators to develop innovative new applications for portfolio management, risk analysis, trade capture, and oversight.

Our clients trade a combined $65b+ AUM from their offices around the world.

Software we have designed and developed is used daily by their trading, executive, and technology teams to report on, visualize, and manage their performance.

We have worked in multiple other industries, including education, medicine, advertising, and construction. Regardless of the sector or project, we care deeply about every step of the development process – from idea to back-end development to visual design and experience.

Our mission is to provide you with a development shop that listens, understands, delivers, and delights. You, your ideas, and our team – working together to build something great.


We embrace a wide range of tools, languages, and frameworks, and we are always tracking the latest trends in front-end development. That said, we have a few favorite tools that consistently deliver polished, high-performance applications to our clients.

Example Portfolio app
from Toolbox, in dark mode

Example Portfolio app from Toolbox, in dark mode

Hoist: our toolkit for rapid application development

At the center of our development practice is Hoist, our full stack toolkit that powers every app we build.

We call Hoist a “toolkit” because, while it is packaged as a set of open-source libraries, it is also a set of well-considered dependencies, integrations, and patterns optimized for the needs of our clients.

Built on a careful integration of server and client technologies, Hoist provides an opinionated yet flexible foundation for building and operating enterprise web applications.

Support for soft-configuration, user preferences, activity tracking, error handling, and more come ready to use with client and server-side APIs and utilities. Developers and Ops teams can configure apps at runtime, view and search server logs, adjust user preferences, and access application-specific management screens from a dedicated and extensible admin application.

Simple but effective activity, error, and performance tracking is pre-integrated throughout the toolkit. Hoist’s bundled admin app allows for browsing, searching, and quick charting of activity data and error reports. Monitoring APIs are provided to check and alert on app-specific metrics.

Hoist includes a built-in set of
admin tools for app configuration and monitoring.

Hoist includes a built-in set of admin tools for app configuration and monitoring.

React: A framework for modern JavaScript UIs

The fundamental technology for the Hoist front-end is React, the innovative (and industry standard) framework for creating modern JavaScript UIs.

Along with React, we make extensive use of MobX, an observable-based state management system. MobX is ideal for building highly Reactive applications with minimal boilerplate, allowing developers to focus on business logic, and user experience, rather than state management.

Building on top of React and MobX, we are able to integrate best-of-breed libraries such as AG-Grid, HighCharts, and BlueprintJS with a suite of highly customized components for data manipulation, layout, and visualization. It all comes together in our comprehensive client-side library, Hoist React .

Grails: enterprise Java for an agile world

Hoist’s UI server is powered by Grails, a framework for rapid web application development underpinned by enterprise-grade Java technologies such as Spring and Hibernate.

Grails provides a flexible yet robust MVC architecture, strong support for data validation and transactions, and a wide ecosystem of plugins, including our own custom plugin, Hoist Core .

Grails is based on Groovy, a modern, dynamic language built on Java that allows us to leverage a wide array of JVM-based libraries and integrate with industry-standard APIs from Bloomberg, FIX messaging feeds, Documentum, realtime pricing providers, and more.

Dedicated mobile components included.

Dedicated mobile components included.

Mobile Design and Strategy

While the majority of our work targets desktop web browsers, Hoist includes a dedicated set of components tailored for use on mobile devices.

Applications can serve mobile users a dedicated user interface that caters to the unique limitations and opportunities of the platform, while still sharing significant business logic, styling, and component configuration with a full featured desktop client.

XH has worked with clients to enable secure mobile access to their web apps, using both industry-standard BYOD platforms and custom-tailored solutions.


We are actively searching for candidates to fill the following open positions:

If you are interested in applying to either position, please review the job description linked above and submit a resume with cover letter to jobs@xh.io.

We are currently searching for hybrid (on-site/home) applicants only - see below for our office locations.


East Coast HQ – Westchester County, NY

Our New York office is in the village of Larchmont, easily accessible via train from New York City.

178 Myrtle Boulevard
Suite 101
Larchmont, NY 10538

West Coast HQ – Pasadena, CA

Our California office is on Colorado Boulevard in Old Pasadena, just north of downtown Los Angeles.

21 Miller Alley
Suite 210
Pasadena, CA 91103

Client Support

If you are a current client, please contact us on support@xh.io or +1.844.394.4767 for immediate assistance.